Engage your contacts with text messaging

ShieldText SMS Dashboard

ShieldText is a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that helps you send and receive SMS text messages. A straightforward set of tools makes it easy for you to manage contacts, send bulk or targeted text messages, acquire new users via text message sign ups, and have two-way conversations with your users.

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GreenGuard ™

Industry-specific VPN (Virtual Private Network). Secure traffic. No logs.

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Turnkey products and custom solutions

  • ShieldText ™ SMS

    Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep in touch with your contacts, have two-way conversations, expand your reach, and use data to your advantage. Import and export contact lists and organize contacts into groups for targeted messaging. Text messages cost $.02 per message or you can send pictures with your SMS messages for $.03 per message.

  • Security and monitoring

    We perform health checks on your services to ensure they are working when you need them. We monitor SMS delivery for failures and repair downtime issues as they are identified. Our privacy services are monitored so that your data is safe and encrypted. We also provide security audits and overhauls for your in-house and off-site systems.

  • GreenGuard ™ VPN

    Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) integrates easily and seamlessly to encrypt all of your internet traffic, providing privacy and security. Our cloud-based secure storage and encrypted local storage options keep all of your private data safe. We also provide hardware solutions that require zero modification to any of your existing network or infrastructure.

  • Hands-off maintenance

    We manage the heavy-lifting of optimizing servers and databases to maintain a consistent level of service. We automatically backup data and monitor for system issues so you don't have to. We also provide 24/7 on-call support for emergency and business-critical issues. We provide both on-site and remote support for our solutions as well as third-parties.

  • IT services and software

    We deploy end-to-end solutions alongside general IT services, including computer and network maintenance, support for third-party systems, troubleshooting, setup and configuration of software and hardware, and technology consulting. We also provide web and mobile app development, data management, and custom software development.

  • Industry friendly

    We design our services with the needs of your particular industry in mind. We have tools that help manage and analyze data to understand customers better. We also offer social media management and consulting services to help you engage more people. We update social media, manage multiple platforms, and communicate with your contacts for you to save you time and energy.

Plug and play security

GhostBox Router *

GhostBox is a portable router that provides a secure and encrypted internet connection through the GreenGuard ™ VPN service without modifying your existing hardware or software setup. You can take GhostBox with you when you travel to ensure that you always have a private internet connection wherever you go. GhostBox can connect to the internet via a wired or wireless connection. You can then easily share the internet connection with multiple devices via wifi or ethernet. GhostBox automatically shares its connection with devices that are connected to it, so whenever you connect to a new network GhostBox is the only device you need to connect. All of your devices that are connected to GhostBox will be automatically connected to the internet without the headache of reconnecting each device to a new network individually.

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* GhostBox requires an active GreenGuard™ VPN subscription (not included)

Encrypted storage and workstation

GreenLock encrypted USB 3.0 flash drive *

GreenLock is an encrypted USB storage system that keeps your private files safe from prying eyes. Anything you store in GreenLock is automatically encrypted and can only be decrypted for viewing if GreenLock is unlocked with your private password.

GreenLock also contains a portable encrypted desktop workstation environment (powered by Windows, Linux, or Mac) that can be launched from any computer using your private password. You can also combine GreenLock with GreenGuard VPN to encrypt all internet traffic from your workstation. Take your workstation with you and keep all of your data secure.

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* The portable desktop workstation requires an operating system to launch. An operating system is not sold with GreenLock, but we will install and configure the operating system of your choice free of charge. You can provide your own paid license or we can install an operating system with a free license (Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux) for you.

Secure and encrypted cloud

GreenCloud encrypted cloud storage

Store your backups, files, and data in our private cloud or use our simple tools to encrypt and backup your data to a third-party service such as Dropbox or iCloud. Our encryption is transparent, so all data stored in our private cloud is automatically encrypted, but when you unlock your encrypted folder on a device using your password it will function just like a normal folder.

We offer different levels of service depending on your bandwidth and storage requirements and provide multiple setup and configuration options when connecting GreenCloud to our private cloud or to a third-party service.

Combine GreenCloud with GreenGuard VPN to add an extra layer of encrypted protection to your file transfers when uploading and downloading from the cloud. When using GreenGuard VPN, not only is all data itself encrypted before it leaves your device, but the connection between your device and the cloud is also encrypted, providing you with extra layers of security.

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Lead software engineer and primary security consultant. Background in entrepreneurship and open source technology with over 20 years of experience in design and development.


Account manager, customer support and communications. Small business background with hands-on experience in developing, launching and growing new businesses and community outreach.


Network engineer and system administrator. Background in software and information technology management with extensive experience in design and maintenance of reliable networks.


Sales, marketing and account management. Background in communications and journalism with hands-on industry experience in management and customer relations.


Communications, sales and marketing. Former U.S. Marine with military background in logistics, communications and software development. Civilian background in software consulting.